[Article 50]Hunting Tips

1. Check with your local Game and Fisheries department to make sure you know the laws and regulations of the area you are hunting. Make sure you have the appropriate license for the game you are hunting.

2. Take care of your hunting dogs and they will return the favor. Make sure they are up to date on their vaccinations and have identification tags on them. Also, never forget basic dog care to make sure that they are well-fed, well-watered, kept cool during the summer, and warm during the winter.

3. While wearing camouflage will keep the deer from seeing you, make sure you have something on – such as an orange hat – that will allow other hunters to know where you are. This will lessen the chance of a potential accident.

4. Make sure that your gun is well maintained. Make sure to clean it often to keep the barrel free of dust and debris. Keeping your weapon in working condition means that the potential for an accident is lessened.

5. Hunting is all about location, and picking the right spot. Before settling in to a spot, set your gear down and look around a bit to make sure it’s the perfect spot. However, you should not stay in the same place day after day, because the animals will notice your pattern.

6. There are many products available for reducing your “human” scent. Choose the one that works for the situation you’re in. Also, learn to tell which way the wind is blowing – even when its barely blowing – so that you can set up downwind of where the animals travel.

7. Camouflage your equipment as best you can. A special tape called camo tape can be purchased to wrap your gun, bow, or even your camera and tripod.

8. Be respectful of areas that have no hunting signs posted. Never go onto these properties to hunt no matter what. The person that owns the property has the signs up for a reason!

9. When you are buying your camouflage gear buy it a size larger then you would usually wear. This will allow you to dress in layers to stay warm in the winter. If you start to get too warm with the layers on, then you can take them off.

10. Respect the environment you where you are hunting. Don’t leave trash or a mess behind when you leave. Try to leave the area the same way you found it, or better. This way when you come back to the area to hunt again ,the game will still be there.

11. When hunting from a tree stand, be sure that you are secured in place with your safety harness. Much like always wearing a life jacket on a boat, it is very important to always wear your harness to protect you in case you fall. If you are properly secured with a harness, you should only fall less than a foot and be in an upright position which will make it easy to climb back into your stand.


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