[Article 48]The advantages and disadvantages of hobbies

Hobbies are a regular activities that is done for pleasure,during leisure time .Hobbies can be physical or mental activities.There are a lot of kinds of hobbies which are beneficial for individual and society.Actually, every one of us may have different kinds of hobbies which include :listening to classical music,painting, playing sports,Blogging, Creative writing,Fish keeping,tabletop games Singing Drawing, Wild Birds, Gardening, Motorcycles and engaging in artistic and creative activities. In this essay I will explain the perspectives,about the hobbies. some people suppose that participating in a particular hobby one can obtain substantial skills and some knowledge.

Also, hobbies are a great ways to take a break of our busy life as well as ,some hobbies provide an outlet for stress.In the same context, there is a research has found that engaging in enjoyable activities may lead to lower blood pressure and lower level of depression .Also hobbies can save us from idleness and give us good physical exercises.In addition ,some studies has indicated that students when they doing their hobbies systemically,it will become a part of their personalities.

In contrast, some people claim that some hobbies have some disadvantages , for example ,some hobbies like Rock climbing, Skydiving, Hiking and Hunting, may lead to a waste of time and loss the money. while play video games all time ,may lead to addiction. this kind of hobbies ,are really dangerous and not beneficial at all.

In conclusion , despite the disadvantages of some hobbies, We cannot do without the useful hobbies if we want to make our life worth living.


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