[Article 75]Top 8 Most Expensive Hobbies Rich People Have

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Expensive Hobbies for Rich People

When it comes to leisure, rich people are in a very fortunate position, as their wealth can buy almost any type of expensive hobby. This is why instead of the regular activities such as swimming or playing football in the local park, rich people choose art collecting, playing polo, sailing and many other fancy hobbies.

In this article we are going to look some of the expensive hobbies of rich people, and what is it that attracts them to spend their wealth and time on these actives. For those of you who can afford to have any hobby you want, this article may give you some interesting tips to spend your free time.

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1. Sailing

It goes without saying that sailing is an activity almost everyone would like to take part in. The idea of escaping the busy city life to sail away on a luxurious yacht and enjoy the fresh breeze of the sea is indeed very inviting.

Most rich people love to sail, and some of them even buy their own yachts. It is a great hobby, a way to revitalize the mind and the body, and escape everyday worries. This is especially a preferred hobby for successful business people or celebrities, that are always keen to relax out of the spotlight.

A rich person spends around $2m to purchase a yacht, and could go up to $100,000 a month for maintenance costs.Therefore, sailing is an expensive hobby, reserved for rich people and a very rare activity for a medium class earner.


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2. Polo

Polo is yet another hobby exclusive to the wealthier side of our society, as practicing this sport involves very high costs.

On average, a polo member spends around $30,000 to join a club and, buy the horse and any other equipment. Athat, monthly costs go up to $2 000 or more.

Rich people enjoy the challenge and luxury of this sport, as it’s definitely not something many people get to experience in their life time. Polo is a fine combination of luxury and sport.

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3. Art Collecting

Art collection is a sophisticated and expensive hobby, only available to a selected few, that have the funds to spend on it. Those who are fortunate enough to be able to purchase and enjoy famous paintings, sculptures and other valuable art objects usually enjoy building their own collections. Wealthy people often attend art auctions and exhibitions, where they purchase their art. Some people also use art collecting as an investment rather than just a hobby, and it is very common for rich people to have personal art advisers that help them make the right investments. Art collecting is definitely an expensive hobby, probably one of the most expensive hobbies in the world, as a single painting can cost more than a $100m.

4. Dressage

Dressage and horse riding is a great activity, filled with thrill and adventure. However, the costs are very high to purchase horses and maintain an environment for horse riding. Most rich people buy properties in remote areas, where they have massive fields to ride their horses and escape their busy lives. Usually they have experts in dressage that help them ride the horses and learn all the tricks.

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5. Flying Hot Air Balloons

Hot air balloons are very unique and available to a selected few, due to the expensive costs of embarking on such a flight. Rich people are fortunate to afford flying on the gigantic balloons, and often they purchase their own and learn how to fly it themselves. Most hot air balloons are sold for just under $50 000, and it costs a further $2000-$4000 to learn how to fly it. However, for someone that can afford such an expensive hobby, a hot air balloon flight is definitely a memorable experience. It’s a great activity for a group of friends and even more for a family with children.

6. Private Train Rides

A private train ride is another luxury among the expensive hobbies of rich people. Many celebrities and wealthy people like to travel across countries in a private train, where they can design the place to their own taste and make it feel like home. It’s definitely a more comfortable experience than flying, as the train allows individuals to have complete freedom of movement. There is no worry about turbulence and sometimes the landscapes seen from the train windows are breathtaking. This can be both a hobby and a mode of transport. Whilst some rich people enjoy the experience, others simply use it as an alternative to flying. Either way, it’s a luxury reserved for the rich, as a train ticket is expensive enough, not to mention a private train ride.

7. Flying

Flying is a wonderful hobby and most rich people enjoy learning how to fly their own helicopters or small planes. Flying lessons, for helicopters or small private planes (usually two-seaters) cost over $5 000. A two-seater plan costs around $20 000, but they can also be rented for the flight period. However, when cash is not a problem, learning how to fly is definitely an amazing experience and is not a surprise that many rich people love to practice it as a hobby.

8. Drag Racing

Racing with dragsters is a thrill, and a highly priced activity as only the car can cost up to $1m. However, rich people are fortunate to afford this exciting hobby. Those who love speed will instantly fall in love with drag racing, as the cars can reach up to 300 mph in a matter of seconds.

Hobbies without a Budget

The 8 expensive hobbies discussed in this article are only a fraction of the many luxurious activities rich people are fortunate to enjoy. Some of the actives are especially preferred by celebrities, that can escape the spotlight and go sail the ocean, ride horses on empty fields or fly in private planes. Other hobbies are very sophisticated, such as art collecting or polo playing.

There are also many thrilling activities, such as drag racing and hot balloon flying, that anyone would love to experience but the prices are targeted at wealthier pockets.

Each expensive hobby is an opportunity to try something new and unique. If you are able to afford any of the expensive hobbies listed in this article, you are very likely to love it and have the time of your life.


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